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At Koza IT Services we know there are many factors involved in cyber security management. These components are interconnected and interdependent, however in our experience employee training should be your first line of defense against cyber attacks. We offer a FREE training session to teach organizations behavioral changes. These are changes that you can employ immediately to prevent some of the biggest risks facing IT users today.

We perform evaluations to determine where your greatest weakness are, and recommend solutions that are appropriate for your infrastructure. Cyber security threat prevention is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We take the time to understand your business needs and recommend solutions that are balanced and suitable to your risks and security needs.

Koza IT Service can help your organization determine which areas your investment will benefit your infrastructure the most:

  • Server
  • Cloud
  • Wired & Wireless networks
  • Web applications
  • Smartphone
  • Email
  • Tablet/ Laptop /Desktop PC

How Koza IT Service will Help you Protect your Business




1. Prepare & PlanKoza cyber security planning
We will review with you what is most important to protect in your business.We work with you to make a plan to prioritize what needs to get the most attention, to what degree these assets should be protected, and how much is appropriate and reasonable to spend.
With our help you will spend the right amount in the right places.
2. Decide & DeployKoza cyber security deployment
There are many different tools and solutions that can help to protect your business. We know which tools are the most effective for different cases. We figure out the best ways to implement these technologies and managed services in your infrastucture.
We help you buy only the most appropriate solutions and services.
3. Train & TestKoza cyber security training
We provide training for your employees. Many users are unaware of the best practices that can reduce risks of unauthorized data access and service disruptions. Making users aware of behavioral changes they can implement simply, is often the easiest and most important change your business makes.
Our training reduces the likelihood of staff becoming the greatest security risk.
4. Monitor & MaintainKoza cyber security monitoring
We offer service contracts that will help keep a constant eye on the protection tools and practices put in place and ensure they continue to be effective and meet your business needs. All software should continually be updated with the most current versions available. We perform updates on operating systems, on smartphones, PCs, and connected devices throughout your business.
We help you adapt to changing threats and monitor risks to make changes when needed.
5. Recover & Respond Koza cyber security recovery
We know how to minimize the impact of a breach and quickly get back to business as usual. We will create an incident response plan in order to guide your recover process.
We react quickly and effectively to minimize the impact of a breach.

Here are some of the Cyber Security services we offer:

Evaluation and Assessment of your Organization’s Needs

  • Vulnerability analysis and cyber security planning
  • Cyber security policy implementations

Protection Application and Maintenance

  • Firewall implementations and management
  • Pro-Active server management
  • Securing Databases and data
  • Firmware updates
  • Secure website, SSL implementations
  • Secure Remote work solutions, VPN solutions.
  • Anti-virus, Anti-Spam software implementations and management
  • Anti-virus, Anti-Spam software implementations and management
  • Virus, Malware and Adware cleanup from infected computers
  • Implementing two factor authentication with RSA tokens and software
  • Implementing antispam and antivirus solutions for MS Exchange servers